9 best blogging apps for your Smartphones in 2020

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Today the technology knows no bounds and Android as an operating system is growing at a fast pace. It is now available on a large number of smartphones and tablets, and in the same way, thousands of applications for productivity, blogging, VPN, games, file managers, etc are available on Google Play and App Store.

Gone are the days when you needed a PC or a laptop to perform your blog related tasks. Now you can not only blog on-the-go but also conduct all the related tasks anywhere you want with the help of your mobile phones. All of this is possible because of the many innovations that are being made. Mobile applications have been developed that allow you to operate your blogs on smartphones.

Blogging is about expressing yourself and sharing your experiences and knowledge on the internet. It does not matter if you blog about fashion, lifestyle, or business; the bottom line is that you blog when you want to include other people in your world.

If you are involved in this digital information age through blogging, then you know the struggle of keeping up with your posts. When you are a committed blogger, it does not matter if you are too busy or too tired. You have to perform your duties and stay consistent. You have to make sure that your posts are in the right format and you have to keep track of all the views that your blog is getting. In times like these, there is no other better option than having mobile blogging apps on the mobile phone.

Update: This List on Best Blogging Apps was originally published on 14 July 2018 and was last updated on 10 October 2020 with the latest updates.

9 Best Blogging Apps for Smartphones:

With all these options, you have a lot of apps to choose from. It will take some time for you to decide which apps you are most comfortable with. However, we will provide you with some names that we think you should try. Some apps will be useless and will most likely be invaluable for blogging, while some can transform your life in a positive way. There are a couple of mobile apps that make it easier for you to stay active in the blogosphere no matter your location. We have compiled a list of nine mobile blogging apps that we believe are the best out there.

Not to worry if your device is Android or iOS because we have covered both the Best Blogging Apps for Android, iOS, iPad, iPhone, and whatever.

1) WordPress:

Image Credits: WordPress

WordPress is one of the best mobile apps for bloggers. You can easily write, edit, and publish new posts on the blog. With WordPress, you can also monitor site statistics, visitor behaviors, and site usage and easily create a new post, edit the existing ones, and upload media.

You can manage your blog and reply to comments. It is best for people who do not want to rely on computers and prefer to operate their website through their mobiles/tabs. If you are traveling, you do not need to have a computer with you, and you can do your job effectively on your mobile.

With the latest updates, errors have been corrected, and it has become more stable. This app is like a live WP dashboard which enables you to do whatever you want. You can publish posts directly from your Android or iOS, save your blog posts as projects, and reply to the comments your readers add under your posts. Check the page views on your blogs to find out how many people have visited your blog and which countries are generating you the most readers. Manage and create your WordPress blog or website directly from your Android device. With WordPress for Android, now you have the power to publish your content without a computer.

Download WordPress for Android

Download WordPress for iOS

2) HootSuite:

Image Credits: The Social Media Hat

Blogging has gotten a whole new meaning, especially since the last few years. A lot of people consider posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites to be part of the micro-blogging world.

In case you are a mini content creator, you can manage your various social networking sites with the help of HootSuite. You have full access to your accounts where you can control when and how you share your content. You can create and schedule your publications on various websites over different time periods. Keep track of your messages, likes, and comments and monitor and track statistics whether you are at home or not.

Download Hootsuite for Android

Download Hootsuite for iOS

3) Tumblr

Tumblr makes blogging a pleasant experience. Also, Tumblr is where you can express yourself, discover yourself, and even bond over the stuff that you love. Whether it is fandoms or philosophy, you can connect with people that have the same interests as you on Tumblr. Post photos, videos, audios, links, quotes or articles; you have plenty to discover. Make your own GIFs if you want and cover them in stickers and text as you like.

You can actually customize your Tumblr by adding cool colors, fonts, and layout. Follow the topics that you are interested in and even discover the ones that you did not even know existed. You can join the community by sharing your experience and learning ways to make the post more appealing.

Most people prefer the Tumblr-blog called microblogging because posting short posts with quotes, photos or videos is less expensive. You can publish content, organize a post, view messages, and respond to them. You are also able to manage several blogs at once. The posts you publish on Tumblr look way more different than the posts on other platforms.

Download Tumblr for Android

Download Tumblr for iOS

4) BlogPad Pro

Image Source: iTunes

BlogPad Pro allows you to manage multiple blogs in one app even if you have different user accounts. The app automatically saves your content if you do not have an internet connection, so you do not lose your work, and with one click, you can sync to upload all your changes whenever you go back online. The app supports self-hosted WordPress and Blogger blogs.

You can view statistics, write and edit HTML, visually style your posts and pages without any coding and edit posts and pages using Markdown, and add images and links to files from your Dropbox account. You can easily add images from a URL, your iPad, or your WordPress media library.

The app consists of the feature of conflict management as well. This way, you cannot unintentionally overwrite yours or someone else’s work, when you are working on a multi-user blog or when you make changes from different devices. If you are looking for any post or media item, you can easily search for it with the app’s search and filter options.

Download BlogPad Pro for iOS

5) BlogPress:

Image Credits: CodeCanyon

For people who manage a lot of blogs, it is much easier to work in an app that allows you to operate multiple types of blogs. You can purchase this app for $2.99.

BlogPress lets you access Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, Squarespace, TypePad, LiveJournal, and more. It is closely integrated with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Flickr so that you can share your posts with your friends and family with just a single tap. Create and edit your posts with both images and text and add tags and labels.

You can also include emoji icons and customized signatures if you want. You can manage comments In Blogger and WordPress. Along with the usual features where it handles text, photos, and videos, it can also automatically generate geo-location tags and maps and supports the MetaWeblog API.

Download BlogPress for Android

6) Blogger:

As Blogger was developed by Google, it has made the sign-up process much easier. You do not have to create a unique username and password anymore. All you need are your Google credentials, and you can log in and start blogging. The Blogger app comes with many features through which you can publish new posts earlier, add pictures to your blog entries and labels. If you want to, you can even add a location to each of your posts.

In case you have multiple blogs, the Blogger app will let you switch between them. Blogger is yet another excellent blogging app among the Best Android apps in 2020 for Blogspot users. Handle your Blogspot blog posts, edit existing posts, publish new posts, and view the list of already published and drafted posts. It is a great app for Blogspot users who need to stay in touch with their blog statistics and performance.

Download Blogger for Android

7) Evernote:

Image Credits: PHAndroid

Evernote is another great blogging app that is available for both Android and iOS platforms. With Evernote, you get the opportunity of creating handwritten notes, write notes in a clean and distraction-free workspace, collect web articles, and open your notes from any device. Along with these, other premium features are also available that you can purchase.

You can take a photo, record a video or create a list, all these will be synchronized on your devices, and you can easily use it through the phone or on the browser from your computer. Evernote helps you in saving your blog posts ideas, taking notes, and creating your to-do lists.

When you are planning your blog, it is important to know what categories you will post under. Normally you have to open WordPress and type a post-draft, but sometimes it is easier not to log in and navigate to the posts. Evernote also works while you are offline so you do not need to wait to connect to an internet connection.

Download Evernote for Android

Download Evernote for iOS

8) BlogTouch

Image Credits: AppSliced

BlogTouch is a powerful and easy to use blog editor for all the WordPress bloggers. This application performs all functions in order to manage a great number of blogs in your device. With these functions, you can not only do editing, but also remove any post, pages, and comments the same as you control everything in your WP dashboard. You can even schedule the posts that you want to publish later.

If you travel frequently, the BlogTouch app on your iPad/mobile will make your tasks so much easier. The app also allows you to have work privacy so you can set an application password and protect your data from being lost. If you are looking for a blogging app with great features and is easy to use, BlogPress is for you.

BlogPress consists of many useful features such as easy photo and video uploader, emoji icons support, scheduled publishing, social networking sites integration, sharing features, geo-tagging, local preview, password protection, and more. This makes BlogTouch a full-featured blogging app for iDevices. This blogging app is especially useful for people who have a Blogger blog.

Download BlogTouch Pro for iOS

9) Squarespace Blog

Image Credits: Binary Bonsai

Squarespace is not a very popular app, but it is a web-building platform that allows users to craft beautiful and elegant websites, that too for free. This app will give you complete access so you can edit and manage your Squarespace content from multiple accounts. Create and edit your posts using the company’s layout engine.

It has features to allow you to format text, add photos, and create links even while you are busy. You can also keep track of the comment section and reply to your readers easily. The app also provides you with an option where you can mark a comment as spam. You can toggle between websites smoothly and don’t have to log in and out of different pages.

Download Squarespace Blog for Android

Download Squarespace Blog for iOS

Wrapping Up:

These blogging apps perform the task of maximizing your creative abilities. Most of these apps are very easy to use, and anyone can use them once they have gotten the hang of it. With the integration of multiple social media sites, these apps enable you to share your articles with your friends and followers.

Que for Nirmal: What is the Best Blogging app for Android?

Ans: I am an Android user, and I feel the WordPress app is the best blogging app for Android. It helps me check the traffic stats of my blog every now and then from anywhere without logging in to my computer. Thus, it helps me to boost my productivity.

Note: This is a guest post by David Simmons. If you have extraordinary content to contribute, proceed with our Guest Blogging guidelines.

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  1. Hi
    You have picked out best blogging apps for smartphones and it will help bloggers to do blogging related tasks anywhere they want. Really, apps has made our life easier and faster. Here, I have found some new apps for me.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great day.
    Praveen Verma

    1. Hey Jacelyn,

      I too use the WordPress app on my smartphone and I am finding it more and more useful. You can check the stats of your blog from anywhere.

  2. I too use the WordPress app on my smartphone and I am finding it more and more useful. You can check the stats of your blog from anywhere.

    1. That’s true. WordPress app is so useful to help us check stats on the go. Have you tried any other tools mentioned in the list?

    1. Yes, that’s true Ajay.
      SEO plugins in WordPress help us manage our website data with easy. But, I won’t say, it is all-sufficient to rank our websites high. They help us with on-page SEO only. To rank better, we need Off-Page SEO also. i.e. Backlinks also.
      What do you think about this?

  3. Hi,
    Thank you so much. That’s a great list. The WordPress app is really nice to use. However, I feel like I’m missing out on something, so I’ll certainly try several apps on this list.
    Thanks again!

    1. Hey Stephen,
      Thank you so much for leaving your comment out here. What do you feel like you are missing out?
      Do you feel something is missing in the WordPress app or anything else?

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