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The internet today is flooded with thousand’s of hosting service, with hundred’s of good hosting service and ten’s of top hosting service and Namecheap is one of those top hosting services on the internet. I am writing this Namecheap review based on my 1-year experience with Namecheap Hosting services. In this review on Namecheap, I will cover, why Namecheap hosting is better than many other hosting services.

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My personal experience with Namecheap: My Namecheap Review

This is the first hosting service that I ever used. I had no idea how to use a hosting package. I was unaware, how to access hosting service? But, they made everything with ease. Their biggest plus point is their customer service. The way they treat their customers.

1)Customer Service:

When big companies fail to treat their customers well, today most of the small companies hold their customers with excellent customer service and Namecheap is one among them.

One example of a big company which fails in customer service is Hostgator India. It’s the Indian version of Hostgator. They promote their customer services to be 24 x 7 x 365. But, when I send a message, they reply only after 16 hours. It is one of the bad representation of the company.

Whereas Namecheap has their live chat system, which many top web hosting services fail to have.

2)Live chat System:

They offer Live chat system and experts are available 24 x 7. They are ready to help with any issue related to your website. They reply you in a polite manner. The first day, when I purchased hosting service, I would have approached them more than 10 times, because I had no idea about hosting. But, every time they guided me well.

I have approached them many days asking help for,

and much more. These are just times, that I remember. Any help you want, approach them. They would be ready to help you.

3)Cheap Namecheap Pricing.

As their name suggests, they are really cheap when compared to many other hosting services. When it comes to pricing, Namecheap offer plans, which are worth for your money. You could see some of their plans in the following images.

Here are the Namecheap shared hosting packages pricing in Indian Rupee.


And here the Namecheap VPS hosting package prices.


I had not experienced downtime much as mentioned in a lot of reviews on the internet. Downtime usually occurs due to server reboot. This is something valuable reason. I had my website 99% up. When I had downtime, they extended my billing date by 1 more day.

So, you need not worry much about downtime with Namecheap. You can easily overcome this by using good cache plugins like W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache and by using Cloudflare.

Special Namecheap hosting coupon:

Namecheap offers discounts and coupons regularly. You can get up to 20% discount on Namecheap Hosting using our Namecheap Coupon.

Useful Resources:

Here are some useful Namecheap resources:


Overall, Namecheap makes its spot on the top hosting providers for its excellent services and cheap pricing. Here are my ratings for the Namecheap hosting service.

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  1. Hi there Nirmal,

    I actually use namecheap for my domain name, and I had never a thing to contact support.

    As you describe here, that they are so awesome, I will give a shot their shared hosting platform.

    I hope they are as you described.

    Cheers, Clay.

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