15 Social Media Facts for Small Businesses to know

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It can be challenging to keep track of social media statistics in light of small businesses. The reason being social media is continually evolving. It does not mean there is nothing to tell about social media. Among the hundreds of dynamic social media facts, there are those that stand out from the crowd.

Some of the social media facts may be a little too obvious but getting a deep insight into the stats will make you understand why you need to incorporate social media into your business practices as soon as now. It is no secret of what social media can do to your business.

If you want to increase the traffic on your website, social media marketing will come to your rescue. Better customer service, building a customer relationship, creating brand awareness, brand loyalty and increased sales can all be attributed to effective social media marketing.

That said, there is no doubt that small businesses can use social media to get to the next level. With tactics such as using influencers and using SharedCount to source information or data on various metrics, your business could reach great heights.

Note that embarking on social media marketing is a journey and an investment, there is so much that you will need to put into perspective before you get started and you will also have to devote your time and financial resources to get the most out of it.

15 Social Media Facts:

Also, with the help of the following social media facts, you will be motivated to get started if you have not, and to carry on if you are already on the boat.

1) Social media usage keeps rising:

According to statistics by Statista, there are over 2.19 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Instagram, on the other hand, boasts over 1 billion monthly users, which is a number that rose from 800 million within a span of about 10 months.

Image Source: Statista

Other popular social media platforms include LinkedIn which has over 400 million users in various destinations of the world. Last but not least is Twitter. It is one of the leading social media platforms in the world that has 320 million active users.

The numbers of all the mentioned platforms are projected to rise. The numbers show how social media will continue to be an asset to your business.

2) Mobile is taking over:

Gone are the days that you had to own a desktop for you to access the internet. According to new statistics by StatCounter, 51.3 percent of web visits originated from mobile devices as opposed to 48.7 percent which came from desktops and other types of traditional computing platforms.

Image Source: Statcounter

What does that tell you?

Social media marketing might be as well as taking over. Mostly catalyzed by the fact that people are now able to access different web pages from wherever they are at any given time.

In other reports by comScore show that in some countries like India, the smartphone audience is four times higher than that of desktops. This is an indication that you should be paying more attention to your social media pages, it is where the customers are.

3) There is a buzz in social networking:

The social media spectrum has had its encounter of highs and lows over the past 10 years. You have seen several platforms come and go. However, one thing has stood the test of time, the social obsession has remained intact.

In 2005, studies done by Pew Research Center projected only 7 percent of US adults to be using social media sites. In the most recent study done by the same center, the number has risen to 65 percent. This is just a representation of what is happening globally.

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Social frenzy means good for your business, if you take advantage of it, you will be telling a success story in a few years or even months to come.

4) Facebook is essential:

First of all, Facebook is the most popular social media platform. Reports by Zephoria show that five new Facebook profiles are created every second. It shows that the number of Facebook users grow aggressively.

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Other stats show that an estimate of 1.3 million content is shared every other minute and an average of 50 minutes is spent on Facebook by all its users per day. Facebook gives you an opportunity to get your brand out. All you need to do is make it your business to come up with the best marketing strategy, Facebook will do the rest of the work for you.

5) Customer acquisition:

Well, you have come up with a well-curated marketing strategy, your goal here is to acquire customers. You can count on social media to getting the customers you are targeting.

Statistics by Socialmediatoday in 2013 found that 52 percent of businesses confessed to having gotten their customers from Facebook, 43 percent from LinkedIn and 36 percent of the marketers said that they got their customers from Twitter.

Image Credits: Pexels

This is just a tip of the iceberg, note that the number of users on the mentioned platforms has grown exponentially. Also with the evolving digital world, it is expected that it has contributed to the number of users even increasing more.

You are no exception, if only you could embrace social media, you will also get your share of customers streaming in from the various platforms.

6) Social media builds trust:

You have no idea of how users value the humanization of a brand. They will be more comfortable buying from a brand that has their management interacting on social media platforms. New studies show that when a high-level executive shares an abrogating report, the customers tend to receive the news more lightly, rather being a cause for alarm.

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Research by public relations strategists has found that it is worthy of having a top executive such as the CEO of a company on social media platforms like Twitter. Other reports by the University of Illinois show that a company is less likely to get a hit if they have their bad news delivered by the CEO.

Such knowledge will help you understand why you have to be active on social media and interact with your customers. It will be easy for your organization to mitigate adversities in the event that you are faced with one.

7) Demographic Reach:

In this digital era, everyone is on social media. Even your friend’s grandmother is: seriously!

This means that social media is a place you can find all your customers. All groups regardless of the age, gender and location to mention a few are on one platform or the other.

Image Source: SmartInsights

Reports on Smart Insights show that for the reason that social media platforms host different segments of audiences, it is essential to understand your audience first before deciding on the platform to work with. The different demographics also keep growing.

It is time that you stopped assuming that your customers are not on Facebook or Twitter: they are all there!

8) Tweets are valuable:

How exactly are your tweets valuable?

Twitter noticed that the interest of customers in a small business was heightened especially after reading and following the business’ tweets.

Image Source: Twitter

Also, you must be aware of how links can be beneficial to your business. Well, new research has also found that 78 percent of people who will follow your business on Twitter, will be sharing and retweeting your posts.

Which means it will extend your reach and create more leads and conversions for you. Also, you know how it works, if you actually get to interact with someone in one way or the other, your chances of following him on a social media platform increase.

Statistics can actually attest to this. 69 percent of customers who purchase something from a business go ahead and follow them on Twitter. The opportunity is a jackpot!

9) Online reviews are crucial:

Reports on Vendasta show that 88 percent of online shoppers will rely on reviews to make buying decisions. Well, there are two sides of the coin when it comes to the aftermath of a purchase on the customer’s end. They will either be satisfied or dissatisfied.

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You can be guaranteed that the customer will have something to say if either of the two happens. also, note that the current buying trend is that even before a customer decides to reach out, 90 percent of them already visited your online page and done their research and did some comparison shopping.

Online reviews can make or break your business: which is why you should respond to them promptly and accordingly.

10) Your competition is also on social media:

If you don’t have a social media page for your business, then you are among the minority of the businesses that feel that social media is irrelevant. It is good that you be aware that over 40 million small businesses use Facebook today. Note that the number of large enterprises has not been mentioned.

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Almost every business is on Facebook trying to scoop the over 1 billion users for their businesses. Note that social media is more than just creating a profile, 75 percent of the businesses use paid ads to promote their brands. With such knowledge, nothing should be in the way of you prospering!

11) Live videos increase interaction:

Live videos contribute significantly to social media interactions. Take Facebook, for instance, live videos increase interaction. Statistics show that there is a 600 percent increase in interaction when a video is posted live on Facebook.

Image Credits: Neil Patel

Facebook is a representation of other social media platform. It means that there is also a significant increase in other platforms such as Instagram that have such features.

A majority of businesses use live videos to create awareness of an event, for the specific reason for its effectiveness in so doing.

12) Quality is key:

Note that with social media, you don’t get to have a face to face encounter with your customers. It means that at that point they can only rely on word of mouth. Which is why quality is paramount. What your audience sees is what determines whether they can be able to trust your product.

Also, as earlier mentioned, whether a customer is satisfied or dissatisfied, they will always air their opinion. Again, a majority of the customers will go through your reviews before they decide to make a purchase. 24 percent of the audience go through twelve reviews before they feel confident enough to buy your product. Also, studies have found that 86 percent of the customers will be hesitant in making a purchase in case they stumble upon a negative comment.

The stats tell you why quality is key!

13) Instagram is the best platform to target millennials:

The most recent reports on Instagram show that the platform is most popular with millennials: aged 35 and below. Other reports on Statista found that 15 percent of the active users were women aged between 18 and 24.

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Well, if your target audience falls between these brackets, then it is about time that you took advantage of those facts. With the help of e-commerce software such as Shopify, you could even get your audience to make purchases directly from the platform.

It couldn’t get better. Nothing beats having a target audience that you can easily transact with!

14) Content marketing is the most effective marketing technique:

Content marketing entails the production and sharing of content such as social media posts, blogs, and videos. The motive is primarily to arouse interest to promote a brand.

According to Neil Patel, content marketing create times eight more traffic to sites and pages as opposed to those that do not do it.

Social media allows you to do content marketing, which is more reason as to why you should have a page for your business already!

15) Users will follow your brand if they are interested:

Studies reveal that 73.4 percent of social media users will follow your brand on a social media page if they are actually interested in your brand.

Image Credits: LinkedIn

What does this tell you?

73.4 percent of your followers are potential customers. The more reason as to why your content should be top-notch and relevant

Summing up:

With the knowledge of the mentioned social media facts for small businesses, nothing can stop you from taking your business to the next level. The statistics will give you the motivation you need to keep soaring higher and tips that will help you make the most out of social media.

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