OptinMonster Review: You will love it for the leads you get

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Building an email list is not a joke. It is one of the toughest tasks in online marketing. There are very few established tools available for Lead Generation. One of those tools is the OptinMonster.

Today, in this OptinMonster Review, we will check how to generate leads with OptinMonster.

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What is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is one of the best lead generation software out there for marketing agencies, bloggers, eCommerce websites, small businesses, etc. They collect emails from your visitors, thus helping you grow your email list and reduce cart abandonment. Therefore, you can boost your revenue with OptinMonster.

What are the features of OptinMonster?

There are too many extraordinary features of OptinMonster to list down. The most popular features of OptinMonster are:

  • MonsterLinks 2-step Optins
  • Geo-Location Targeting
  • Exit-Intent Technology
  • Drag ‘n’ Drop Builder
  • Integrations

These are some of the most popular features of OptinMonster. But, I would like to cover up the features of OptinMonster in-detail.

So, let me go one by one.

Let’s start with the first one.

Drag & Drop Builder:

With OptinMonster, you can create Campaigns. These campaigns could be in the form of popup, inline forms etc. I will cover up the different types of Campaigns available at a later part of this OptinMonster Review.

So, creating campaigns in OptinMonster is so easy. All you need to do is to drag and drop the elements you needed.

This simple Drag & Drop Builder of OptinMonster makes it easy for anyone to create the desired campaign.

Yes / No Forms:

Yes / No type Forms are rarer to see. But, they are one of the most converting. As explained by the psychology principle, the Zeigarnik Effect,

People who begin an action are more likely to complete it

It means that if a visitor has started to respond to this multi-step form with Yes, then he is more likely to opt-in.

SnackNation tried using this multi-step form with a fullscreen optin and Exit – Intent Enabled. This helped them convert 3.53% of abandoning visitors.

That’s huge, right!

Mobile-Friendly Popups:

OptinMonster has got mobile-friendly Popups. By Mobile Friendly, I mean they are responsive and load at the right time for your Smartphone visitors.

OptinMonster uses InactivitySensor, which detects when the visitor has stopped interacting and triggers the right campaign based on your settings.

When I say, mobile popups, you might be worried about the Google Penalty.

You need not worry about that!

OptinMonster’s optins are designed to meet Google’s requirements and they have cleared Google’s mobile Penalty test. So, you can use OptinMonster for targeting smartphone users without worrying about Google’s penalty.


The signature MonsterEffects Technology of OptinMonster provides CSS animations and Sound effects to grab the user’s attention.

There are totally 26 CSS effects that can be used. And, the MonsterEffect could a powerful way to grab the attention of disengaged visitors.

So, far we have discussed all the features that were related to the Drag ‘n’ Drop Builder to create the Campaign.

Next, we will look at the different types of Campaigns available.


Once you collect the lead data from your audience, you will have to integrate with your email marketing service, so that you can start sending them emails. OptinMonster has got a lot of integrations to help you with this.

These are some of the popular OptinMonster integrations available:

These are few email marketing integrations available. Apart from that, they have also got some Ecommerce integrations

and many more.

In case, you want to integrate something new, you can always give them a suggestion. They will work on it and soon come up with it.

OptinMonster Campaign Types:

To grab the attention of the visitor, the traditional form of Popup alone is just not sufficient. And that’s why OptinMonster has got 8 different types of Campaigns.

The different campaign types available at OptinMonster are:

  1. Lightbox Popup
  2. Fullscreen Welcome Mat
  3. Slide-in Scroll Box
  4. Floating Bar
  5. Countdown Timer
  6. Sidebar Forms
  7. Inline Forms
  8. Content Locker

So here is the first one,

Lightbox Popup:

Unlike the traditional Popup, the Lightbox Popup makes the background dull.

So, when the Lightbox Popup appears, it highlights only the popup, making the visitor take action rather skipping.

The LightBox Popup can be combined with Exit Intent Technology. It means that when the visitor is about to leave the website, the LightBox Popup will appear.

Fullscreen Welcome Mat:

The OptinMonster Fullscreen Welcome Mat is an attractive full-screen campaign, that gives your visitors a compelling reason to signup.

I used this Fullscreen Welcome Mat for my Affiliate Marketing Email Series and the conversion rate was 6.87%.

And the next one is,

Slide-in Scroll Box:

If you feel that other campaigns are interrupting your visitor, then you need to go on with the Slide-in Scroll Box. They collect the leads without pushing too much.

Another brilliant way to use this Slide-in is to use by adding a Facebook Like box. By this way, you can easily get more likes for your Facebook page from your visitors.

Floating Bar:

Floating Bar is the right alternative for popups. They stick to the top or bottom of the webpage and remain visible as your visitors scroll.

It’s another good way to collect leads without annoying visitors.

You can use this as a notification bar to grab your visitor’s attention.

Countdown Timer:

If you are looking to create a sense of urgency, then you need to use OptinMonster’s Countdown Timer. It will help you create intelligent, scarcity-based campaigns to convert your hesitant buyers.

Sidebar Forms:

The sidebar is a great place to build your email list. In fact, the sidebar is the common place where your visitors look for subscription forms.

So why waste your Sidebar area?

Optimize that Sidebar area with your best forms to capture the leads.

Inline Forms:

Are you looking for the most targeted leads?

Then the best way to capture them is to combine the form with your content.

By combing the inline form with your engaging content, your visitor will definitely think about subscribing to read such content again.

Content Locker:

OptinMonster’s Content Lock works something like a viral share. In a Viral share, if you want to allow your visitors to read the content, they should share the page.

Similarly, with OptinMonster’s Content Lock, the visitor has to provide their email address to read your exciting content.

So far, we have been looking at the various Campaign Types available at OptinMonster. Next, we will cover various Campaign Triggers.

OptinMonster Campaign Triggers:

These Campaign triggers are very important. Because they decide when your campaign has to pop up? when your campaign has to stay behind?

There are 6 Campaign Triggers to be discussed. They are:

  1. Exit-Intent Technology
  2. Scroll Trigger
  3. MonsterLinks 2-step Optins
  4. Inactivity Sensor
  5. Timed Display Control
  6. Campaign Scheduling.

Let me cover them one by one.

Exit – Intent Technology:

The Exit – Intent Technology will trigger your campaign when your visitor is about to leave your website. By targeting your leaving visitors you can convert an additional 2-4% of visitors to users.

Scroll Trigger:

When your visitor scrolls down your page, it is a great sign that he likes your content and he is interested in getting more of it.

Scroll Trigger will trigger your campaign after your visitor has scrolled a percentage of the page.

MonsterLinks 2-step Optins:

The MonsterLinks can convert any image or link into a 2 step optin. That makes your work so easy. Because you don’t need to code for each and every link.

And the best thing about MonsterLinks is that they can work with any CMS without any Integration.


Just like the Exit Intent Technology of OptinMonster, the InactivitySensor detects the user Behavior. So, when the user is inactive for quite some time, then it is time for you to shoot your campaign.

Timed Display Control:

With OptinMonster’s Timed Displayed control, you can set time delays when your campaign wants to appear.

So, if you create a delay for 2 minutes, your campaign will shoot out exactly after 2 minutes your visitor has landed up at your website.

Campaign Scheduling:

Campaign Scheduling is very useful when you want to display offers to your visitors based on your timezones. This feature helps you run promotional offers.

These are the various Campaign Triggers of OptinMonster.

Apart from this OptinMonster uses so many features to target campaigns. They help you target campaigns based on Referrer or Geo-location or cookie-based etc.

OptinMonster Pricing:

OptinMonster has got four different packages namely,

  • Basic: Starts at $18/mo
  • Plus: Starts at $36/mo
  • Pro: Starts at $61/mo
  • Growth: Starts at $124/mo

OptinMonster doesn’t have a trial. But, they have got 14 days Money Back Guarantee. So, if you don’t like their product, you can get your money back within 14 days.

I feel that OptinMonster is worth for their pricing and I don’t think you will come across a situation to get your money refund.

How to get Started with OptinMonster?

To get started with OptinMonster, first go to their website.

On their homepage, you can see a green-colored button with a label, “Get OptinMonster Now”.

Click the button and you will be taken to the pricing page.

Now, in the pricing page, you have to choose the membership that you want. Click, “Get Started” button at the bottom of the membership you intend to purchase.

As soon as you click the button, you will be taken to the payment page.

In the OptinMonster Payment Page, if you have a coupon code, click, “Have a Coupon” to enter the coupon code.

Apart from that, you have to fill up your First Name, Last Name and Email Address in the Account Information section.

You have two payment methods available. You can pay either with your credit card or with Paypal.

If you choose to go with Credit Card, enter your Credit Card details. Else choose Paypal.

And then click “Get Started Now with OptinMonster”, so that you will be taken to the payment page.

Once the payment is successfully done, you will get access to OptinMonster.

That’s it, you have successfully created an OptinMonster account. Now, you can start using OptinMonster for your website.

How to add OptinMonster to WordPress?

Now you can start creating campaigns with OptinMonster. But, how will these campaigns appear on your website?

To do that, you need to integrate OptinMonster with your website.

Login to your OptinMonster account and in the Account page, you can find the integration code.

However, there is an alternative way to integrate OptinMonster. You can make use of the OptinMonster Plugin. This will make your work of integrating so easy.

The OptinMonster WordPress Plugin will ask for API Credentials.

What is OptinMonster API?

OptinMonster API is the connecting bridge between your OptinMonster account and your website. The API key will help OptinMonster verify your account to avoid anyone misusing. You can find it in under API tab at your OptinMonster account.

Now that you have successfully integrated OptinMonster to your website, we will see how to create a Campaign in OptinMonster.

How to use OptinMonster?

With this OptinMonster tutorial, we will be looking at how to create a campaign in Optinmonster and use it to collect leads.

In your OptinMonster dashboard, click “Create Campaign

Now, here is your Step one. Select the Campaign Type. For this tutorial,  I am choosing it to be Fullscreen.

Next, you will have to choose a Campaign Template. Let me choose ‘Entrance‘ Template.

Now, we have to enter the campaign details. Basically, you need to enter the name of your Campaign and then which website you want to load this Campaign.

After you enter the details, click “Start Building”. This will lead you to the OptinMonster Campaign Editor Screen.

Designing the Campaign:

This the Design Section. You have totally  5 different sections in this process of creating a campaign. You can switch between these sections at the top.

The left side of the design section allows you to add blocks and customize it. The remaining part of the screen is the working area.

Once you have added all the elements you needed proceed to the Display Rules Section.

Create the Display Ruleset for your Campaign:

Under the Display Rules Section, you have three pages namely,

  • Condition
  • Actions
  • Summary

In the Condition page, you can choose the conditions that should be met for this campaign to be appearing on the screen. OptinMonster makes it so easy to combine different conditions.

When you have two or more conditions and you want the campaign to appear only if all the conditions are met, use ‘AND’ Rule.

On the other hand, if you want to display the campaign if anyone of the two conditions is met, then you can ‘OR’ rule.

You can even mix ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ rule to get the desired ruleset.

Once you have created the ruleset, click “Next Step”.

In the actions page, you can choose the campaign view.

You can even choose the sound that you want to make when the campaign appears on the screen.

Once you have chosen that, click “Next Step”.

The Summary page will list down what will happen if the particular conditions are met.

Here is a screenshot of it.

Now, proceed to the Integrations section.

Integrating OptinMonster with your Email Marketing Software:

In the Integrations section, you need to choose, where the email list should be passed on. You need to pass it on your Email Marketing Software. In this example, I am going to pass it on to SendInBlue.

So, first, click “Add New Integration”.

Next, choose your Email Provider.  Now, you need to connect your Email Provider with OptinMonster.

For connecting SendInBlue account, OptinMonster requests to enter the Access key. After you enter the details, click “Connect to SendInBlue”.

Now, your SendInBlue account has been connected with OptinMonster.

Next, you will have to choose the Email List, where OptinMonster has to sync the email address.

Once, you have done that proceed to the Analytics Section.

Connecting OptinMonster with your Google Analytics account:

In the Analytics Section, you can connect Google Analytics with OptinMonster. Simply click ‘Connect’.

Now, to connect your Google Analytics account with OptinMonster, click “Generate Authentication Code”.

This will take you to the Google Accounts Page. Choose your Google Account. And then your Google account will ask for permission. Click ‘Allow’.

Now, you will be displayed a code. Just copy the code and come back to your OptinMonster page. This code is called the Google Authentication Code.

Paste this Google Authentication code and give an Account label. Once you have done this, click ‘Next’.

Now, this account would be shown in the Google Analytics account. Under Website Profile, choose the one that you need and click ‘Next’.

So you have successfully connected your Google Analytics account with OptinMonster.

Next, proceed to Publish section.

Finally: Publish your OptinMonster Campaign

In the publish Section, you can switch your campaign status. You can either Pause It or switch it to live.

Also, you can look at the Platform. I already informed you about Integrating OptinMonster to your website.

This section shows you one more way of Integrating using Shareable MonsterLink. If you choose to use this method, just copy the content and paste it anywhere you want.

And finally, click the Save Button.

That’s it. You have successfully created a campaign at OptinMonster. And here is a screenshot of the campaign that we created.

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Get Started with OptinMonster

I hope you would have enjoyed reading this OptinMonster Review. If you love this product, then consider buying it. If you have any questions on OptinMonster, let me know. Since I have used OptinMonster I would be able to assist you.

Try OptinMonster

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You can also use our OptinMonster coupon code to get a discount when you buy a membership.

Don’t hesitate to leave your own ratings and reviews on OptinMonster at the comments section

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Frequently Asked Questions on OptinMonster

Here are some frequently asked questions related to OptinMonster

How much does OptinMonster Cost?

There are no free plans available for OptinMonster. And the basic OptinMonster package starts at $18/mo. You can make use of our OptinMonster coupon to get a discount.

Does OptinMonster offer a free trial?

No, OptinMonster does not offer a free trial. And you don’t have a free membership at OptinMonster. If you wish to use OptinMonster, you need to subscribe for an OptinMonster membership.

Has OptinMonster got a demo?

Yes, OptinMonster offers a demo. You can use register for OptinMonster demo and understand how to increase leads and sales for your business.

Does OptinMonster offer a Money-back Guarantee?

Yes, OptinMonster offers a 14-day Money-back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the performance of OptinMonster, you can request a refund within 14 days of purchasing.  You will be given a full refund and no questions asked. However, there will be no partial or full refund if you request after 14-days of purchasing. And to be noted, cancelling your subscription does not automatically refund your money. You will have to open a ticket to request a refund.

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