10 Free Facebook Marketing Tools for your Social Media Campaigns

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Facebook has 80 million+ Business Pages, and today, Facebook is the largest social media network spread over worldwide with its 2.45 billion active users.

Facebook also accounts for 2 million advertisers, and thus, it is considered a crucial part of formalizing your marketing strategy if you are actively using Facebook as a channel to reach out to your audience.

With the growing popularity of Facebook marketing’s effective results, today, every brand needs to get more from their Facebook marketing campaign.

However, due to lack of time and potential resources, most of the time, your campaign does not work correctly, and you struggle a lot to identify the ways which can get you more visibility through impressive Facebook posts.

In such situations, using Facebook marketing tools to promote your business on Facebook can turn out to be a stepping stone as it can get rid of all your problems.

Thus, to ease your job, here we have squeezed out the 10 most effective Facebook marketing tools from plenty of tools. These free Facebook marketing tools can facilitate the marketing of your brand on Facebook.

List of Free Facebook Marketing Tools

These are the 10 Facebook Marketing Tools we are going to analyze for today.

ProductFree PlanPremium planProduct Link
SocialoomphYes$15/moTry Now
DrumUpTrial$15/moTry Now
Facebook AnalyticsYesTry Now
PagemodoYes$6.25/moTry Now
SynthesioNoTry Now
CrowdsignalYes$17/moTry Now
Fanpage KarmaYes49€/moTry Now
AgorapulseTrial$79/moTry Now
ShortstackYes$29/moTry Now
Post PlannerNo$3/moTry Now


Socialoomph is a social media post scheduler for your Facebook campaign that boosts your outcome from Facebook with its advanced post scheduling tools since 2008.

It helps in managing social media posts for individuals who have one account, and it organizes all associated accounts as a team and configures post-approval for a team, where it is required.


It has four types of pricing policies, and the best part is you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Personal Suite: It is free to access one social profile with unlimited scheduled posts and provide free support to individuals.

Advanced Suits: It costs $15/month and $162/year for one social profile, one blog, and offers access to all posting features.

Professional Suits: $25/month and $270/year for ten social profiles and five blogs.

Business Suits: $55/month and $ 594/year, which includes 30 days of free trial for 20 social media profiles and ten blogs.

  • It monitors your posts on Facebook and provides bulk uploading and sharing features.
  • It has excellent customer satisfaction due to its specific scheduled dates and reliability.
  • Very easy to use and is quite understandable.
  • The user’s interface of Socialoomph is outdated and text-based.
  • It doesn’t have a calendar layout for post scheduling visuals.
  • It always gives the popup for its pro/premium features that make you annoyed sometimes if you are a free user.

Try Socialoomph


DrumUp has 60,102+ satisfied customers with its extraordinary feature, which helps you to share quality content on your Facebook account and establish an excellent and thoughtful conversation with your followers.

You can track and monitor your Facebook posts engagement by using DrumUp analytics. It also provides various recommendations of effective and trending hashtags that increase your post visibility and reach to the audience.


It provides free trials for all plans that include:

Starter: $15/month for 3 social accounts and 10 posts/day/account.

Pro: $39/month for 20 social accounts and 15posts/day/account.

Small Business: $78/month for 50 social accounts and 49posts/day/account.

Agency/large Business: $159/month for 100 social accounts with unlimited posts.

  • It has a lot of useful features like keyboard-based content curation, auto-posting, content libraries, etc.
  • It looks more affordable than other tools because of its versatility.
  • It is a rapid and easy tool for content optimization of Facebook.
  • Sometimes provides irrelevant content recommendations.
  • It doesn’t streamline the process of connecting social accounts, which raises a lot of confusion.
  • It is a bit expensive for small businesses.

Try DrumUp

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics is a product of Facebook itself, and it helps users to monitor their efforts on Facebook marketing. Users can easily track growth, engagement, and reach of their posts, which is on the feed of Facebook.

It brings the complete insights of two billion users of Facebook and improves your Facebook campaign with its impressive features.

Image Credits: Social Media Examiner


It is absolutely free to use any feature inbuilt by Facebook.

  • It creates a stunning visualization of data and presents it in a way that is easy to digest.
  • It enables you to see the pages, streams, and searches from where you have new connections.
  • You can see the sites which bring viewers to your page.
  • You can get a comprehensive report on the success of your posts without any cost.
  • It gives percentages of geographic data related to the connection, so it requires excellent math skills to understand.
  • It is difficult to export the data by Facebook analytics to a spreadsheet.
  • Facebook analytics has direct competition with Google analytics.

Try Facebook Analytics


Pagemodo is a tool that helps you to grab everything you need for a powerful presence on Facebook. It has 3 million professional users base with satisfaction.

It helps in customization of the Facebook business page, creates contests, and keep your audience engaged with highly optimized posts and monitor it for the success of your Facebook marketing.



You can start with Pagemodo for free to schedule one post for Facebook. After that you can upgrade it with one of these plans:

Basic: $6.25/month and $75/year for one Facebook page.

Pro: It costs $13.25/month and $159/year for 3 Facebook fan pages/ accounts.

Agency: It offers $33.25/month or $399/year for unlimited Facebook fan pages/account.

  • It has a lot of themes for the dashboard.
  • The free version of Pagemodo fulfills the needs of most people.
  • It is effortless to operate for beginners.
  • It notifies you when you grab the new connection.
  • Activities are limited to perform with Pagemodo.
  • It has a limited area to work with Facebook only; thus, it is not versatile.
  • It has customized templates, not pre-made templates.
  • It gives a very intuitive experience to users at the time of editing templates and profiles.

Try Pagemodo


Synthesio is an Ipsos company that meets the social media needs of future generations. It monitors your online presence of Facebook and amplifies the human intelligence of organizations with the artificial intelligence of Synthesio.

It is the most robust Facebook marketing tool that provides you the exclusive collection of customer’s data.



Synthesio doesn’t provide any pricing information for its products and services.

  • It is a great analytics tool for Facebook marketing.
  • Engaging, attractive data visualization.
  • It contains unlimited data to resolve quarries.
  • It doesn’t include the price of its products and services.
  • It is very complicated to operate.

Try Synthesio

Crowd Signal

Creating polls and surveys on Facebook is an excellent way to keep your audience engaging with you.

Crowd signal enables you to create compelling surveys and polls. It is a powerful tool to customize the look of your survey and make it according to your brand that collects the responses from anywhere on Facebook.

You also have full control over your data, which is driven by surveys or polls, you can export and share it at any time and in any format.


It is free for one account to make unlimited surveys and quarries.

Pro Plan: It costs $17/month for its various upgraded features.

Corporate Plans: $75:month for 10user accounts and collect unlimited signals.

  • This creates impressive surveys in minimum efforts.
  • It tracks the success of your survey on Facebook easily.
  • A very user-friendly plugin.
  • It is a very time-saving tool for Facebook marketing.
  • It provides minimal features for the free version.
  • It works only on desktops, not operable on smartphones.
  • The layout of the Crowd signal is not compelling enough.

Try Crowdsignal

Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is a Facebook marketing tool that fulfills all needs related to your Facebook marketing that includes creating, analyzing, publishing, and presenting reports of your posts on Facebook.

It gives you a comprehensive view of the success of your posts on Facebook in real-time.


It is free for Facebook analyzing with three months of history.

Professional: It costs 49€/month for unlimited analytics with six months of history.

Business: 149€/month for unlimited profiles with unlimited dashboards.

Enterprise: 249€/month to access all features inbuilt in Fanpage Karma.

  • It helps you to make decisions regarding the boosts of posts.
  • It is very easy to use, and you can create a dashboard in just a few clicks.
  • This gives a quick overview of your most preferred KPI’s on Facebook.
  • It has a lack of visuality and also has a rough design.
  • It only has a website version, and there is no app for using it on smartphones easily.
  • This is quite expensive.

Try Fanpage Karma


Agorapulse is the most reliable tool for Facebook marketing. You can schedule your posts, get reports, and keep your followers engaged with this tool. Over 17,000 social media managers trust it because of its powerful features and flexible scheduling.

You can strategize your online posts and determine the ROI of engagement with its one-click and get report feature.


It provides free trial for 28 days to use all the features of Agora Pulse.

Medium Plan: $79/month for ten profiles.

Large Plan: $159/month for 25 social profiles.

X-Large Plan: $239/month for 40 social profiles.

Enterprise: $399/month for 60 profiles.

  • It has a very clear and easy to understand user interface.
  • It has impressive customer support with persuasive communication.
  • Various features are inbuilt in this tool that reduces your time so you can put it in your other significant work.
  • It responds to customer’s queries but does not resolve it.
  • Images which posted by Agora pulse on Facebook find blur and soft
  • The landing page of the Agora pulse always stays open and flashes repetitive notifications.

Try Agorapulse


A Shortstack is a tool that drives you towards more engagement with your followers with its extraordinary features for contest creation and monitorization.

It helps you to build beautiful and interactive giveaways, quizzes, and contests that boost conversation with followers and empower your presence on Facebook. It highlights your products and services to promote lead generation and give them valuable suggestions.



You can start with short tack as its free Plan

Starter: $29/month for unlimited campaigns.

Business: $99/month for 10000 entries and 50000 views.

Agency: $199/month for 500000 entries and 2500000 views.

  • This designs, launches, monitors, and measures the content posted on Facebook and ensures intuitive workflow.
  • It has various hidden features like auto-responder emails and entry hosting.
  • It creates customized landing pages for their users.
  • You need to switch towards the paid plans to use it efficiently.
  • It is only for corporate companies not suitable for small scale organizations.
  • It has a limited template framework.

Try Shortstack

Post Planner

Post planner claimed that they could enable you to get 510% more engagement than other tools of Facebook marketing.

Doesn’t it look so amazed! According to the researchers of Buzzsumo, the post planner generates more engagement with your audience because of its valuable features.

It detects top-performing content on Facebook, analyzes it, and customize your content accordingly to automate and schedule your content on Facebook, and ultimately you will get the impressive results.



It has three plans to use its features.

Starter: $3/month for three accounts and 30 posts per day for one user.

Love: $5/month for ten accounts and 100 posts per day for one user.

Guru: $19/month for 25 accounts and 500 posts for five users.

  • It is a pocket-friendly tool for Facebook marketing.
  • You don’t need to go anywhere; it is an all in one app to empower your Facebook presence.
  • It has a recycle feature that can get your content back from the queue, even though it was published on Facebook.
  • Limited posting to Facebook.
  • It doesn’t have robust customer support.
  • Lack of billing option.

Try Post Planner

In the Final Verdict

Here we have discussed 10 free  Facebook marketing tools that provide you various features that save your time and help you to accomplish your goals.

These tools facilitate relationships between you and your followers with exciting content drafting and optimization with these tools. Using these tools can ultimately lead you towards meeting your goals, which includes increment in ROI from the Facebook marketing campaign.

You can grab the tool according to your needs, preference, and budget. Just strategize all your needs, check your pocket, read the article, and analyze the pros and cons and get the right tool that perfectly fits your marketing goals.

Note: This resource on Free Facebook Marketing Tools was contributed by Pooja Shah. If you have an interesting resource to contribute, then check our Guest Blogging Guidelines.

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