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Every Business should have a unique logo. This logo represents the brand. And so, you need to make sure that it is compelling for your users. Only when they love the brand, they will love your business too. So, keep that mind while creating your logo.

So, why am I crafting this DesignEVO Review?

DesignEVO is an online tool that allows you to create quality logos for free. However, you can’t download the logo with a transparent background without purchasing a premium package.

Note: The original review was posted on October 17, 2017. And this review is updated in December 2019, with the latest changes at DesignEVO.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review on DesignEVO. However, the post is completely based on my personal experience and opinion.

What is DesignEVO?


DesignEVO is a logo maker from PearlMountain. They are in this field of graphic design software since 2006. They are a team with more than 10 years of experience in this graphic design. One of their famous product if Fotojet. You can read my review on Fotojet here.

After Fotojet, they decided to come up with another useful tool. So they created DesignEVO with a motive to help small businesses, startups, and individual business owners to create a free logo online with ease.

Since, the logo is very essential for a business, as it keeps connecting with the customers and building trust. Trying to build your logo with your tools will eat so much of your time. And you will find it difficult to come up with a compelling logo.

Using an online tool like DesignEVO will cut down your time for this. As they have got millions of pre-built logo templates inside them. All you have to do is just use a suitable one for your website/online business.

Features of DesignEVO:

So let’s see what are the features of DesignEVO.

#1 Logo Colors

The color of your logo conveys a thought on what your brand is about. The chart shows you what each brand color symbolizes.

Using DesignEVO, you can try out different combinations and color gradients. Usually, gradients are not available in many online image editing tools. But, DesignEVO has come up with it, and you can add it to your logo in just a few clicks.

#2 Millions of Icons:

DesignEVO has got millions of icons. You can add these icons to your image, just by drag and drop. Even though it is a pre-made icon, you still edit it by changing its size, color, transparency, etc.

You can notice that all these icons are in SVG format. It has become a common practice in recent times to use SVG format for the logo. Since, you will be using your logo on every page of your website, using SVG format can save so much in page size.

#3 Hundreds of Fonts:


This tool has got hundreds of fonts for logos. You can try out any cool font you like. You can also experiment with Word Arts, to see if it can give a professional logo for your logo.

#4 Fully Customizable Logo Editor:


Unlike many image creators restricting customizable features, DesignEVO gives you the full control to modify your logo and implement your creativity.

The Logo Editor screen is fully customizable allowing you to Undo/Redo, Zoom In, Zoom out, etc.

#5 Save your Logos to Cloud

Unlike many other tools, DesignEVO allows you to save your images to the cloud. You can re-edit and save as many logos as you wish to the Cloud. This gives you enough working space and allows you to choose the final version of your logo.

DesignEVO ensures that your logos will be safe in their cloud and will not be disclosed or abused. Privacy is important!

#6 Logo Templates


Their Logo Templates library has got everything that you need. You can either search for themes that suit your business. Or you can search by category to check all templates that are relevant to your industry.

If you are a Marvel fan, then DesignEVO has got a collection of Marvel logos, which you can edit and use for your websites as you like.


This is the most important feature to consider. It has got a free package to start with. You can simply create a logo without even registering.

Time-Saving, Right?

Here is the pricing of DesignEVO.

Apart from the free plans, you have a Basic as well as Plus package, whose pricing starts at $24.99 and $49.99 respectively.


My Experience:

I just tried to create a logo for OnlineRockersHub. Just within minutes, I created a cool logo.

Does it look nice?

My Ratings:

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Wrapping up:

I hope, you will find my DesignEVO review useful. Also, you would make use of this free tool to create a unique logo for your website or business.

Try DesignEVO for Free!

If you are planning to purchase the premium version, make use of the coupon code, “DESIGNEVO10OFF“. This will give you a 10% discount on all premium plans.

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