Cuelinks Review: Simple Way to Kickoff Affiliate Marketing

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How is this Cuelinks Review related to starting your affiliate marketing career?

If you have ever come across the term affiliate marketing, you would have known that it is one of the most popular ways of earning money online. But, how to start with affiliate marketing?

You need to have a blog/website to start affiliate marketing. Creating a website is not a tedious process. But, all you need to do is spend some time creating quality content. Once you have a blog, you need to join an Affiliate Marketplace. There are so many available.

One such affiliate marketplace which I am gonna talk about today is Cuelinks.

So, we will start with

What is Cuelinks?

Cuelinks is just not limited to an affiliate marketplace. It is a content monetization tool that can automatically link highly convert keywords to affiliate links.

Cuelinks was started by Mehul Jobanputra and Jimish Jobanputra, while Mark Friedgan being the investor. The founders are already Indian publishers. So, they do know the small problems faced by Indian affiliate marketers. Hence, they try to provide solutions for these.

Watch this YouTube video to understand how you can benefit from Cuelinks.

Now, let’s see

How to Register with Cuelinks?

Visit Cuelinks. ( I hope you will use this referral link so that I will earn some commissions for the next 3 months, all because of you)

Click on the Signup tab and fill the registration form.

Click the “Sign up” button.

You will soon receive a mail from the Cuelinks team, whether you have been approved as a publisher or not.

What are the features of Cuelinks?

Aggregate Reporting:

Cuelinks has an attractive dashboard will all details like clicks, EPC, Commission Rate, etc., from all merchants. So, you don’t need to maintain Excel sheets (Probably, the old affiliate marketers know the importance of preserving Excel sheets)

2-minute Installation:

You can connect your website with Cuelinks with a 2-minute matter of work. You can either install Cuelinks WordPress Plugin or place their code manually in your header. Rest, everything Cuelinks will take care of.

Readers Update: Continue reading this article to see tutorials on installing Cuelinks WordPress Plugin and placing Cuelinks Javascript code on your website.

1000+ Campaigns and Counting:

Cuelinks has already joined hands with 1000+ Affiliate Programs, and they are still connecting with much more good affiliate programs online.

If you have been signing up for each Affiliate Program individually, you probably would know the pain of managing them. Just by signing up under Cuelinks, you are signing with 1000+ affiliate programs, and you maintain all these in your Cuelinks Dashboard.

Hold on!

There are 1000’s of affiliate programs. Which one should you promote?

How to find the High Paying Affiliate Programs in Cuelinks with Less competition?

As I said, there are 1000+ Affiliate Programs in Cuelinks to join. You can start promoting any store you wish.

But, in this highly competitive affiliate marketing niche, you can’t afford to promote Flipkart and Amazon India. Because thousands of bloggers are already promoting their products.

Then, how would you find your less competitive affiliate programs in Cuelinks?

Don’t worry!

To reduce your workload, I have already done this work for you.

Simply download this list on ‘High Paying Affiliate Programs in Cuelinks with Less Competition‘ by filling the form below.

Read More: You can get the list of High Paying Affiliate Programs on Cuelinks with Less Competition Download PDF.

This list will provide you 25 such campaigns to promote. Choose the one that suits your niche and start promoting it on your website.

Single Point of Payout:

Cuelinks maintain a NET60 payout. So, you can expect all pending commissions to be approved within 60 days from the transaction date.

Since you combine all affiliate program earnings under Cuelinks, you will reach the payout (Minimum Payout is  ₹500) faster. After you raise an invoice, you will be paid on the next payment days. The amount will be transferred directly to your bank account.

Lifetime Link Management:

Specific affiliate programs pause or suspend their campaigns in the middle. It will be a tedious task if you want to manually change these links.

Cuelinks come up with lifetime link management. So, whenever a campaign gets paused or suspended, the page will be redirected to a suitable link.

Cuelinks API:

If you have a smartphone app, you can integrate Cuelinks with your app. You can change your website redirection script to redirection links via the Cuelinks server, and they will take care of your monetization completely.

Cuelinks Offers:

In the Cuelinks dashboard, under Resource Center  Offers, you can get access to all the available offers for the merchants you are promoting.

If you have a coupon and deals site, you can export these offers into CSV format and upload them to your website. And, from these offers on your coupons and deals site, you can drive more affiliate sales.

Cuelinks Support System:

When you signup at Cuelinks, you will be allotted a separate account manager. You can check their contact details on your dashboard. Whenever you have any trouble, you can contact them by email or by phone.


Cuewords is one of the applications of Cuelinks.

So, what exactly does this Cuewords do?

Cuewords will help you cut down the manual work of placing your affiliate links. By adding the Cuewords javascript to your website, Cuewords will automatically place relevant affiliate links in your blog post content for the right money keywords.

Before implementing Cuewords on your website, you can try the Cuewords demo available on the Cuelinks site.

The demo is available and has some default content from E-commerce, Insurance, Blogger, Fashion, Reviews, News, and Deals. You can check the ones that match your website content type.

The term density actually points to the number of words you want to convert into affiliate links within a blog post. It can range from 2-10. And, you have got the functionality to choose the color of your links.

As soon as I clicked the ‘Run‘ button, the affiliate links have been inserted into the content. For better identification, I have underlined them in red color.

Looks so cool, right? Let’s see

How to install Cuewords on your website?

On your Cuelinks dashboard, choose Installation » Cuewords or directly use this link.

The first step is to activate Cuewords.

Once you have activated the Cuewords,

  1. Change the density of words as you need
  2. And choose the color of links you want for your website.
  3. Click the Save option.

Pro tip: Try Experimenting with different colors and densities of words and choose the one that gets more clicks.

To do Cuewords work for your website, you need to install Cuelinks Javascript on your website.

How to install Cuelinks Javascript to your website?

There are two ways of installing Cuelinks Javascript to your website.

First method: Using the Javascript Code

The first method is to directly copy and paste the Cuelinks Javascript code found on this page to your website.

To check if you have installed the Javascript code correctly, use the Check Javascript Installation option available on the same page.

Enter your Website URL and then click ‘Check Installation.’

If you have installed the code correctly, you will get a success page. Else, you need to recheck this.

Second method: Using Cuelinks WordPress Plugin

This method applies only to WordPress users. You can simply install the Cuelinks Affiliate Marketing Tool WordPress Plugin.


After installing and activating the plugin, go to Cuelinks » Settings in the sidebar of your WordPress dashboard.

Here you need to enter your Cuelinks Publisher ID and then click Save changes. You can find your Publisher ID in your Cuelinks dashboard under Account » My Profile.

If you have done this right, your Cuelinks Status will turn to Active.

Any problem with installing the Javascript code on your website?

Just let me know in the comments section. I will assist you further.


CueWidgets is used to display deals/coupons to your audience from eCommerce stores. You can simply create a widget from the Cuelinks dashboard and add it to your website.

The widget will show coupons from E-commerce stores like Foodpanda, Expedia, Paytm, etc. When your visitor clicks any of these links, they will be taken automatically to the respected store with the deal details.

Don’t worry. Cuelinks will take care of embedding your affiliate link to these offers.

If your target audience is from India, adding such widgets to your Sidebar will help you drive some extra conversions.

How to create a widget at CueWidgets?

To create a widget at CueWidgets, you just simply need to follow these steps. Go to the CueWidgets page on Cuelinks Dashboard.

Click Create New Button.

Now, you will find the form to create a new widget.

You need to fill up the following details in the form.

Widgets Name: Enter a name for your widget. This name is just for your own reference.

Type of Widgets: You need to choose what kind of offers you are going to display. You can either display deals or coupons.

Categories: CueWigets can pull offers from particular types. So, if you want your widget to pull offers related to Books, just tick Books. Choose all the categories that you need.

Number of Products: You can choose to display 3-9 offers on your widget.

Widget size: Choose what size your widget would be. You have three options to choose from, namely 300×250, 300×600, 728×90.

Once you have filled this form, just click the “Generate” button,

Now, copy and paste this CueWidgets iFrame code to where you want the widget to be displayed. After you have successfully copied and pasted the code on your website, the widget will appear in the front.

Cuelinks Referral Program:

So far, I mentioned Cuelinks is an affiliate marketplace where you can earn money by driving affiliate conversions. Apart from this, there is one more way to make money at Cuelinks. It is the Cuelinks Referral Program.

When you refer publishers like you to Cuelinks using your unique Cuelinks Referral link, then you can make a 25% commission of what your referrals earn for the next 3 months.

How to refer Publishers to Cuelinks?

You can refer publishers to Cuelinks by

  • Writing a review about Cuelinks with your referral link
  • Sharing your referral link on social media
  • Placing Cuelinks Banners in the sidebar of your website
  • Emailing the Cuelinks referral link to your subscribers

These are a few ways to get some referrals for Cuelinks. If you are creative, you will be trying out more ways to get referrals for Cuelinks.

Note: Do not spam with your Cuelinks Referral link. This is considered a bad practice in affiliate marketing, and the most important thing is that these things won’t make you any money.

Cuelinks Payment Proof:

This is the most important. Because internet scams are increasing day by day. So, has anyone made a payout at Cuelinks?

I did make a Payout at Cuelinks. I got the amount transferred to my bank account. Here is the invoice from Cuelinks, which I raised for an amount of ₹1593.49.

Also, I received my second payment from Cuelinks. I raised an invoice for the amount of ₹1207.3.

So, altogether I earned ₹2800.79 (Approx $40.81) from Cuelinks so far.

Cuelinks Review:

Cuelinks is one of the best Affiliate Network for promoting Indian Affiliate Programs. Once you signup, you will be provided with affiliate links and promo materials to get started. And they have been consistently making payments to their affiliates.

Wrapping up

So, if you are planning to start affiliate marketing, then Cuelinks is definitely an excellent place to begin. All you need to do is to register at Cuelinks and integrate them with your website.

Join Cuelinks & Start Earning!

$This is an affiliate link

Have you joined Cuelinks? How much did you earn using them? If you have written your own Cuelinks Review, could you share it with me in the comments section?

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    1. Hello Rohini. Cuelinks is just an affiliate network. The time taken to earn money at Cuelinks depends upon your marketing effort. And, for your kind notice, they take 60 days for approving your commissions.

  1. Cuelinks sounds very similar to another service I saw, I think it is called Viglink. Is that right? I like the simplistic idea of services like this. Takes a lot of work out of it. I like to focus more on my content. I think I will look into this as an option. Thank you for the heads up.

    1. Yes, Christina, you are right. Cuelinks work similar to Viglink. But, the best thing about Cuelinks is that it has got lot more features. Cuelinks will provide you with the list of offers available for each merchant store, whereas such a feature is not available in Viglink.

  2. There are numerous affiliate programs online. But if you are running a website that targets an audience whose majority leans towards India, Cuelinks is the affiliate program for you. Even if you do not have a ready website, you can start your own deals and coupon site, start an account with Cuelinks, and you will be receiving all the latest promotional links from Cuelinks via email.

      1. Hi nirmal kumar

        As you earlier discussed in review if you have blog it will be very beneficial but what about non blog users like me I am YouTuber product reviewer can I use this cuelinks if yes how it will be

        1. Hello Sai Krishna,

          Cuelinks can be used even if you are a non-blog user. The best way Youtube reviewers can use Cuelinks is to mention the affiliated product links (Created in Cuelinks Dashboard) in the video description.

  3. Hi Nirmal,

    I have question related to Cuelinks approval review process – How they are approve if someone started with brand new website? If the site don’t have any traffic as they started newly then what are the pre-requisites.

    1. Hello Sumana, I understand your concern. But, Cuelinks hasn’t disclosed any such details. When I applied for Cuelinks, my application was approved within 3-4 hours.

      However, my suggestions to get approval are:
      1) Create unique high-quality articles
      2) Have a minimum of 5 articles on your website before sending for approval
      3) Make sure your website doesn’t face downtime has a good page speed.

      If you are applying for Cuelinks, All the Best for your Online Business.

  4. Hi,
    Cuelinks is a new option for Indian bloggers who want to make money from Cuelinks affiliate marketing. With Cuelinks you can be a part of the affiliate program of different companies from one place.

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