How to Create a website? (4 Easy Steps)

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Why you need to know ‘How to create a website’?

Creating a website has never been so easy. But WordPress has made it so simple over the years.

You don’t need to know to code a website or hire a web developer. And most importantly, you don’t even need money to start a website.

Seriously, it’s that simple.

And that’s WordPress for you.

Are you ready for creating a free website with

Oh yeah! Let’s get started.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management Solution). And that narrows down our question to,

What is Content Management Solution?

It is a software or an application or whatever you call it. You install it right on to your server. And after that, you are not going to worry about your server. You are just going to work in the content alone. The CMS will act as an intermediate between your content and server.

Since the CMS does so much and gives you ample time, you can work peacefully on content, bringing the best of you.

And WordPress is such a powerful CMS and a website platform that the world is looking for.


Difference between and

There is a more significant difference between and Although they mean, they are not the same. is open-source software that allows you to create a soft-hosted website. To create a website with all it takes is to register a domain, point it towards your hosting, download your WordPress software, and install WordPress on the server. You would have created a website with empty content.

But is a hosted version of this open-source software. You don’t have to all the work on registering domains, getting hosting, installing WordPress. It is all pre-made. All you have to do is just go the site, register your account for free, choose a sub-domain name and your website with empty content is ready.

All your pain points with creating and managing a self-hosted site is taken care of.

And that’s why for beginners we always recommend them to go with if they are not serious about blogging/building a website.

4 Steps to create a website

I hope you are now ready for creating a website at Let’s get started.

Step1: Visit website

The first step is to visit the website.

Go to

Okay, now you would have landed up at homepage. Click Start your Website button.

Step 2: Creating your account

Now, the next step is to create your account. You can use your email address / Gmail account / Apple account for signing up.


Step 3: Choosing a domain name

Since we are creating a free website with, we will be allowed to use a subdomain of

If you are serious about creating this website for your client, or for an event or your want an online store, or something like that, you will need a domain name.

For using custom domain names, you need to upgrade yourself to the paid membership.

For this tutorial, I chose (subdomain) as my domain name.

Step 4: Choose the hosting plan. has got five different hosting plans available. They are:

  1. Free
  2. Personal
  3. Premium
  4. Business
  5. eCommerce

Let’s compare the five plans:

Jetpack Essential Features*
Pre-Installed SSL Certificate
Free Domain for One Year 
Email & Basic Chat Support 
Storage Space3 GB6 GB13 GB200 GB200 GB
Free Themes
Installing WordPress Plugins   
Premium Themes  
Automated Backup   
eCommerce Features    

* The Jetpack’s essential features will include adding contact forms, email subscriptions, adding comments, etc.

And now, it is done. You have officially created a free website at

Your WordPress dashboard will look like this.

This is how the front page of the site I create for this tutorial looks like.

Watch tutorial on Youtube

Did you get stuck anywhere on this tutorial? If you are, watch this tutorial for more clear steps.

If you still find any difficulties in creating a website, reach out.

I have created a website, what’s next?

I have just shown you how to create a website in 4 easy steps.

Creating a website has just looked like a cakewalk for you. But you haven’t completed your site. You will have to complete the Site Setup List.

Site Setup List:

  • Giving your website a name
  • Creating a site Navigational menu
  • Update your Homepage with content
  • Launch your website
  • And finally, download the app to manage your website through a smartphone.

Even after you complete the site setup list, If you look around your website, you will understand that your website lacks content.

Content is the King for any website.

So go ahead and start adding content for your website. If you are a newbie Writer or Author, do check our following resources to help you out.

These resources will help you get started with writing content. Once you get started with adding content to your website, you will need to find ways to drive traffic for your website.

And in this context, driving traffic means driving visitors to your site.

Here are some resources to help you out n getting traffic to your blog posts

  • 9 Tactics to Promote Your Blog Content on Facebook
  • How to get traffic to my blog for free?
  • 13 Reasons why you need to use eBooks for Lead Generation

And over the period, you should be considering Search Traffic as your Primary Traffic Channel.

Should you upgrade your Free plan?

Mostly, it is a question that many readers are looking for.

When your website has grown to a reasonable level, you will be considering to move to the next level.

At this point, you will have two options to consider.

  • Move on to a self-hosted WordPress website.
  • Upgrading to premium WordPress plan.

My Opinion:

If you are comfortable with using, then consider upgrading to the Premium Plan. But, if you are looking for more features, then you must move to a Self-hosted WordPress website.

You won’t find any severe difficulty in migrating to, because, the user interface is going to look more or less similar.

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Frequently Asked Questions on using

There are some common questions asked by new users of I have managed to compile a list of such problems.

Can I switch from to

Yes, you can switch from to You need to export your data from, set up a new Self-Hosted WordPress site, and import the data.

How to install plugins on

The feature to install plugins and themes is available only in Business and eCommerce plans. To install a plugin, go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to My site->Tools->Plugins. Search for the plugin you want and click install now. You can also choose to upload your plugin by navigating to My Site->Tools->Plugins->Upload Plugin.

How to upload a theme in

To upload your custom WordPress theme, go to your website dashboard, and navigate to My Sites-> Design->Themes. Here you can upload your theme and activate it.

How to remove from URL?

To remove from your URL, you need to upgrade to Personal plans and above. If you upgrade to Personal plans and above, offers a custom domain for 1 year for free.

Is a reliable source for hosting websites? belongs to Automattic, the company that owns many popular products and services like Tumblr, WooCommerce, Simplenote, Crowdsignal, Jetpack, etc. They are in this field of WordPress for over 15 years and 147M million unique views every month. So, it is a trustable source to host your website.

Can I use Google Adsense at

You will be able to add Google Adsense code to only in the Business and eCommerce plan. The other plans don’t allow you to add the code.

Can I change my web host from to BlueHost?

Yes, of course. You can migrate from to Bluehost. By this migration, you will end up creating a self-hosted WordPress website. You can also choose WordPress hosting available at Bluehost for managing your WordPress website.

Can I do affiliate marketing in

Yes, of course. You can do affiliate marketing at You don’t have any restrictions on adding affiliate links to your website’s content.

Can I have 1 million pageviews daily at site?

You can get 1 million page views daily at site. If you are right in promoting your website through various channels, it is possible.

Can I host 2 websites on one account?

You can host any number of sites on a single account. I have more than 4 websites on a single account.

Can I make money on

You can monetize your website through affiliate marketing and Ads. has got its own monetizing tool called WordAds. Wordads is available from Premium and higher plans.

Can we add Paypal Payment in Website?

Yes, you can add Paypal Payment to your website. You will need to have a premium or higher plan to do this.

Can you use Aweber with a free account?

 You cannot install Aweber on a free account. You will be able to add Aweber through Plugins. The feature on installing Plugins in is available only in Business and eCommerce plans.

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