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WordPress and email marketing are powerful tools for online business. When you combine them both and implement them in the right way, then your online business has a greater chance of success. In this article, I will introduce you to something, that will assist you with both WordPress and email marketing. It’s the Thrive themes membership. You might have come across their individual products and prefer purchasing them. But let me explain to you how you can actually save a huge sum of money when you buy thrive themes membership rather than their individual products.

Before explaining that, I will explain their individual products are their pricing.

Thrive Architect:

Thrive Architect is a visual editor for WordPress. You can use this plugin to create your WordPress landing pages with drag and drop. Also, it comes with 240+ predesigned beautiful templates. And, the best thing about Thrive architect is that it has got a lot of conversion elements like customizable buttons, testimonials, countdown timers, lead generation forms etc along with it.

So, what’s the benefit of that?

Since these elements are already loaded with Thrive Architect, you won’t have the need to install any plugins for such purposes. Reducing the number of plugins installed will reduce the page size. This, in turn, will reduce your page speed.

Buy Thrive Architect for $67

Thrive Leads:

Thrive Leads is an email list building WordPress plugin. By using this plugin, you can create ThriveBox (Popup Lightbox), Sticky Ribbon, In-line forms, 2-step opt-in form, Slide-in, opt-in widget, screen filler overlay, content lock, scroll mat and multiple choice forms. These are some powerful methods to drive leads to your website.

And the best thing about thrive leads is that

  • You can drag and drop to create the form.
  • Make use of advanced targeting feature and make this form visible to a particular audience
  • Employ A/B testing
  • And find out the best performing forms with their actionable reports and insights

Buy Thrive Leads for $67

Thrive Ovation:

Thrive Ovation is an All-in-one WordPress testimonial plugin.

What do you mean by All-in-one?

It is a plugin completely dedicated to collecting and managing testimonials on your WordPress site. Some exciting features on Thrive Ovation are:

  • Collecting testimonials on Auto-Pilot
  • Transforming WordPress comments into testimonials in one click
  • Transform your social media comments into ready-to-insert testimonials.
  • Dynamically update testimonials and many more.

Buy Thrive Ovation for $39

Thrive Clever Widgets:

This is a plugin exclusively created to optimize your widget areas. With Thrive Clever Widgets, you can determine precisely, which offers should be shown for which audience. By this way of exact targeting, you can get more clicks and more conversions.

Buy Thrive Clever Widgets for $39

Thrive Ultimatum:

Thrive Ultimatum is a scarcity marketing plugin.

Well, what does that mean?

It is a simple technique. Imagine a situation, where due to natural calamity there is a sudden scarcity of food. What will you do?

You will try to store food grains as much as possible to survive this situation.

That’s it.

This is the concept behind this plugin.

You create a scarcity of a product or offer and make people purchase it. By using Thrive Ultimatum, you can,

  • Increase product sales with a special offer
  • Create a Buzz-building product launch
  • Boost your E-commerce sales
  • Earn more commissions as an affiliate
  • Create an Evergreen upsell funnels
  • Build your email list faster

Buy Thrive Ultimatum for $97

Thrive Headline Optimizer:

I would say Thrive Headline Optimizer is an innovative WordPress plugin.

Have you noticed popular websites like Huffington Post, Upworthy, Buzzfeed get more clicks to their links, even though the content might not be up to the expected level?

It is this secret of creating winning headlines.

What do you need to do with this plugin?

  • Just write as many headlines as possible for your content
  • And this plugin will do the magic.

It will decide the best headline depending on:

  • Click Through Rate
  • Time spent on a content by the reader
  • How does the user scrolls?

This looks pretty cool, right?

Buy Thrive Headline Optimizer for $67

Thrive Comments:

This is another good plugin for Thrive Themes. This Thrive comments plugin will help you with moderating comments and building engagement. With thrive comments plugin,

  • Your first-time commenter is presented with a special offer in exchange for their email address
  • Keep your commenters engaged with gamified incentives.
  • With one-click, upvote the comment and share the comment on facebook
  • Delegate your authority and create comment moderators.
  • Create Automatic Resource links by just typing a word

Buy Thrive Comments for $39

Thrive Quiz Builder:

Thrive Quiz Builder plugin will help you create stunning quizzes in seconds. With the help of this plugin, you can create complex quizzes without coding.

You can profitably use this quiz builder to show the right content to the right audience, which will help you get more sales. This plugin has also got A/B testing to increase its conversions.

Buy Thrive Quiz Builder for $67

Thrive Optimize:

Thrive Optimize plugin is dedicated A/B testing plugin for your landing pages. With this plugin, you just need to,

  • Create a page
  • Create a variation
  • Pick a conversion goal
  • And start the test

That’s it. You need to check the results later on.

Buy Thrive Optimize for $127

If you have already purchased Thrive Architect, then you can purchase this as an add-on.

Thrive Themes:

These are the individual WordPress themes created by this team. They have 10 WordPress themes, with each built with special features like:

  • High Speed page loading with automatic image compression
  • Designed for User Engagement and readability
  • Smart Conversion Elements
  • Easy Page generator
  • Customizable for your individual needs
  • Landing page templates
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Continuous updates, improvements and new releases
  • Trim down your lists due to Built-in features
  • Support, training and tutorials

So, here are their 10 themes,

1) Rise:

This theme is built in collaboration with a Veteran affiliate marketer and has got every element that you need to create an attractive blog. This theme mainly supports affiliate marketing and product sales.

Buy Thrive Rise Theme for $49

2) Storied:

The storied theme is perfect for creating media-rich blogs that include images, videos, audio and more. So, if you are interested in creating a blog for sharing your images and videos, then this theme will suit you.

Buy Thrive Storied Theme for $49

3) Pressive:

The pressive theme is designed specifically for marketing websites and gorgeous sales pages. This theme’s excellent typography will set it apart from its competitors. Its attractive features will help you create an awesome multi-media blog.

Buy Thrive Pressive Theme for $49

4) Perfomag:

As the name suggests, this is a magazine theme. This theme is designed focused on three elements: Ad revenue, social shares, and user engagement. This theme also features a built-in ad management and ad-targeting system to monetize the site and infinite scroll to keep your readers engaged with more content.

Buy Thrive Perfomag theme for $49

5) Voice:

This theme will set your website look apart, as it doesn’t have a header, and it has got a simple static sidebar, as it puts the author for each post on the spotlight. This theme will suit for blogging and podcasting because the content is the central focus here.

Buy Thrive Voice theme for $49

6) Squared:

This is a multi-purpose theme and has got everything from blog posts, page layouts, shortcode elements, author boxes etc. The color of the theme is bold and eye-catching.

Buy Thrive Squared theme for $49

7) Minus:

This theme has got a lot of white space and its typography will bring your content to the spotlight with minimum distractions. So, this theme will increase the readability of your content.

Buy Thrive Minus theme for $49

8) Ignition:

This theme mainly suits for marketing website and especially when you sell products or memberships or services online.

Buy Thrive Ignition theme for $49

9) Luxe:

As the name suggests, this theme is meant to create a luxurious look for your website with its beautiful and bold typography.

Buy Thrive Luxe theme for $49

10) FocusBlog:

The name points it out clearly that is focused on Blogging. It is a ready-to-go blogging theme, which has a clear strike between drawing your users attention and distracting them.

Buy Thrive FocusBlog theme for $49

Now, let’s see the most important part of this article,

Why do you need to buy Thrive Themes Membership?

With Thrive Themes Membership, you can use all their plugins and themes.

Thrive Themes Membership has got two packages. One is for individuals and entrepreneurs and the other one is for agencies and web designers.

Here is the pricing if you are interested in purchasing it quarterly. And the pricing starts from $30/month.

You can save a lot when you purchase it annually. This is the pricing for Thrive Themes Membership for annual packages, which starts from $19/month.

And let me show you this calculation.

Save money by purchasing Thrive Themes Membership:

When you purchase individual products, you will just get access to their product support for just 1 year. If you want to extend their support, then you need to pay them a nominal fee.

Here is the total cost of all their products.

Thrive Architect plugin$67
Thrive Leads plugin$67
Thrive Ovation plugin$39
Thrive Clever Widgets plugin$39
Thrive Quiz Builder plugin$67
Thrive Ultimatum plugin$97
Thrive Headline Optimizer plugin$67
Thrive Comments plugin$39
Thrive Optimize plugin$127
Thrive Rise Theme$49
Thrive Storied Theme$49
Thrive Pressive Theme$49
Thrive Perfomag Theme$49
Thrive Voice Theme$49
Thrive Squared Theme$49
Thrive Minus Theme$49
Thrive Ignition Theme$49
Thrive Luxe Theme$49
Thrive FocusBlog Theme$49
Total Cost$1099


So, to get access to all their products with 1-year support, it will cost $1099, when you purchase each one individually. Also, by purchasing this individually, you get a license to use products on one single website.

What, if you had purchased Thrive themes membership?

For 1 month = $19
For 12 months = 12 x $19 = $228

So, for 12 months, thrive themes membership cost just $228. With this membership, you will able to access all their plugins and themes. And, you will also be able to use them at 25 of your own websites.

But, if you buy individual products, you will only be able to use it only one website.

So, ultimately you save $871 ($1099 – $228) by choosing to thrive themes membership rather than individual products.

Wrapping up:

I will quickly summarize whatever I have covered in this post.

Thrive Themes occurs plugins and themes, that are designed with an aim to build your website for conversions and to build your email list.

If you buy individual products, it will cost $1099 with one year of support.

On the other hand, if you purchase thrive themes membership, it will cost only $228 per year with access to all themes and memberships.

So, choose thrive themes membership over individual products and save $871. I guess, this article would have helped you save a huge sum of money.

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  1. Not a bad deal Nirmal. Saving almost a bill feels good no doubt. I have my bespoke theme custom made but always noted and I will RT for all of my blogging buddies.

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      1. As you asked me to sahre my experience, I will, its only brief, as I just brought it in the last day or so… But, I have wondered, why I dithered so long in buying it, because its absolutely awesome and will allow me to realise a dream of completing sa long held project idea of mine

        It should be added, that your post, ws the trigger and reason for me, moving forward as it made the decision a no brainer

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