10 Best SEO Tools to boost your organic traffic in 2020

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The average Joe’s guide to experts Top 10 Best SEO tools that won’t break your back or budget.

You should know that you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting your SEO campaign requires by yourself anymore. Even the top-level SEO experts aren’t getting by on their own. So why not free up your time and get more done through adopting the new wave in productivity that SEO tools sponsor? Here’s what you should consider.

Think of that cramping set-back keeping you from dominating your niche, grabbing more opportunities, or just simply getting by. What if you knew that it requires less effort to fix than you thought?. Even better, how would you feel knowing you don’t need to be an SEO expert to get started on it?. Well, you don’t have to answer that yourself too the experts already have.

The Best SEO tools listed here will show how experts have shamelessly used their help to get past competitors plenty of times and how to do it yourself. Even though there’s ten of them. don’t worry about getting a ton of these gizmos, just one of these SEO tools used properly can help you strike the bull’s eye of your SEO goldmine.

Free vs paid subscriptions.

Most of them are free so don’t worry about breaking your budget. And as for the paid subscriptions: you can take advantage of the free trial offers before you commit to making a purchase.

Best SEO Tools in 2020

Let’s begin with SEO Tools…


Ahrefs is a helpful competitor analysis tool which is backed by a large database of back-links. It is one of the most preferred SEO tools. You can check which websites are linking to your competitors and use this information to jump on opportunities to gain a competitive edge in your industry.


Its capacity to carry out revealing SEO audits is one of its most favored features. Gaining insight on what keywords your competitors are ranking for, what brand of content is doing well in your industry and who is digesting it, as well as showing which key points you need to improve the efficiency of your website is expected from the Ahrefs keyword explorer tool.

That is not all you’re getting out of this. You can use the Ahrefs dashboard to either monitor your website’s ranking, view your competitors, or monitor projects for your clients.

Here is what you can expect from an Ahrefs SEO Audit

  • The rank of your backlink profile/(AR)Ahrefs Rank
  • Total ranking of your back-link profile strength/Domain Rank
  • Total number of backlinks
  • Referring domains
  • Rank tracking for both organic & targeted keywords

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An SEO marketing tool like Moz is necessary to give insights on rankings and shifts that affect the SEO landscape, especially with the frequency of Google algorithm update roll-outs. It can also expose you to new opportunities to increase your advantage over your competitors.

Moz is favored in the SEO community for its capability to produce a transparent overview of website performance. You can optimize each of the pages on your website based on the findings you gather from the reports.

Though you can expect to pay for this due diligence, it is also accessible as a free Moz toolbar download.


Taking advantage of Moz’s page optimization features can help you know about the following:

  • Search traffic
  • Search data
  • Keyword targeting

The Page SEO Checker tool will help optimizers in monitoring rankings and keeping up with the key areas that stand to be improved by offering performance-enhancing recommendations.

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Google Search Console

This is one of the free SEO tools we were talking about. In a nutshell, this Google-sponsored tool reports on what factors most influence your website’s presence in the Google SERP’s.

Factors such as your website’s visibility in Google’s search results, its usability, your content (especially keywords) usefulness, and its ranking. It also highlights who is visiting your website through Google’s search engine and how they are interacting with the efforts you have set in place to attract them.

This is a boost to your user experience optimization in regards to having an overview of your impact on Google’s audience. This is especially true when monitoring which devices they use, such as the boost in mobile usage (AMP). All you have to do is copy a tracking code from Google Search Console to paste into your websites HTML. Doing this will help you gain knowledge on the important parts of your SEO campaign.


You can expect to get the following insights from the Search Console reports:

  • Page index
  • CTR
  • Backlinks
  • Geographic targeting

The Google Search Console offers index changes made to your website immediately instead of the usual waiting period. Doing so with Google Index can take weeks and even months to register

Google Console is also said to help with chasing off cyber threats. This should come in handy for a business/establishment which is vulnerable to malware and spam attacks.

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As for KWFinder, we’ve found that it caters a powerful keyword research and management tool with a straightforward user interface. The paid subscription starts at $29 per month billed annually. The subscription offers a generous 100 keyword lookups per 24 hours as well as other useful benefits you can find here. This SEO tool does have a free plan available that allows a user three keyword lookups every 24 hours. You can also try the 10-day free trial.

Overall, the tool is great for focusing on all the information that involves a single keyword. It balances this out by catering for long-tail keyword combinations.

As part of its package, the ‘Rank Tracker’ tool provides keyword suggestions. This gives users insight into data that covers a keywords search volume, the average cost per click, competitiveness, the difficulty score or if the keyword is trending or not.

Users get the capacity to find low competition keyword combinations that have a search volume that should boost their rankings. When you find a suggestion that you like, you can add it to your list of keyword suggestions on the tool.

The dashboard is easy to navigate and offers convenience to import or export a list of keywords and analysis reports as a CSV or TXT file.

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Semrush is always ending up in the top 10 Best SEO tools lists we’ve come across. It earns its authority from being an SEO keyword research tool famous for boasting a large keyword database. It doubles as a marketing tool, making it efficient as both an SEO & SEM tool. Helping to measure and track your campaigns, evaluating your performance as well as your competitor’s to keep you efficient in your market.

The API integration makes it compatible with Google Docs, Google Analytics & Google Search Console. That’s three times the advantage and convenience. You can use it as a domain comparison tool to match your websites meta information such as search data, traffic insights, back-link monitoring, position tracking, and other ranking factors against another website through an analysis report that can be accessible in PDF format. A competitive edge can be gained from these findings by making your content unique and your user-experience a cut above the leading competitors in your niche.

You can tweak your website’s performance with the On-Page SEO Checker Tool. The dashboard enables users to get a look at the keywords in their content with the Topic Research tool, keep a finger on the pulse on the social media shares they are collecting and also get backlink ideas. The one-click posting feature is good at supporting multimedia posting across many social media channels.

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Buzzstream is a web-based CRM software that has workforce and email management automation capabilities. You can access emails, track, and follow-up on your email outreach as well as your link-building projects all in one place with the ‘Sequence’ feature.

You won’t need to cross-reference tasks on a spreadsheet anymore, Buzzstream has a chrome plugin that can help to manage and track campaigns within your browser. Users can integrate the software with social media and other API supportive platforms.

The Discovery feature helps with your content marketing efforts. You can look for experts, influencers, and bloggers by inserting your query in the search bar. A list of recommendations will appear on the interface. You can filter these results to get your ideal candidate. There is an option to add them to your prospects lists for consideration if you can’t make a decision on the spot.

Here’s a quick look at how you can use it for scheduling tasks, as well as tracking your team’s work-flow through the course of a particular project.

Buzzstream can handle your back-link strategy by monitoring who is linking back to you. If you get stuck, their notoriously efficient customer services can walk you through any of the issues you run into.

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ATP(Answer the Public)

A free keyword research tool like ATP can help with producing informational long-tail keywords. ATP is a combination of SEO and marketing capabilities that are useful for the Press Coverage Reporting aspect of your content distribution to the public.

You can generate a lot of content ideas for your audience from such access to consumer insights. A bulk of questions is supplied by ATP when you enter your query in their search-bar and can be accessed in a list-form or a circle.

Preparing your content with strong hints of your audience’s motivations can be helpful in making you a leader in efficiency within your market.

ATP’s ability to produce buying intent keywords makes this easier to draw in organic traffic with the content in your topics. This can be useful for targeting your audience with reviews and buying guides.

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SEO guru Neil Patel’s free keyword tool can be used to gain an edge in your market. Ubersuggest is a free hack to use in boosting your website’s ranking. You can get insights into your competitors content marketing strategies on its user-friendly interface.

Peeking into your internet neighbors SEO, content & social media strategy implementation can be a practical way of getting insights on what’s working. Such insight takes you beyond the limitation of relying only on data insights.

If you know that generating keyword ideas to implement in your content strategy is the first step to improving the relevancy of your content, this will keep you from posting content that your audience is not interested in.

This is what you can expect from Ubersuggest:

  • Keyword volume
  • Keyword competition
  • Seasonal trends
  • Social network shares
  • Number of backlink’s

Building your link profile with the tool provides a view of your competitor’s backlinks. This should help you figure out which links to add to your own. Knowing which websites your audience is linking to can narrow the scope of prospects to approach in your niche/industry by a great deal.

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For search marketing, SpyFu offers a reasonably priced cloud-hosted tool that is structured around increasing efficiency for marketing campaigns. It is believed to be an entry-level to advanced business software solutions. Its enterprise plans start from $33 per month.

When coming up with a marketing strategy, you are going to need a tool that makes it easier to gather information on your competitors. Spying on how they execute paid ads, how they gather profitable keywords and the likes will help chart your course. It gathers this intelligence by zeroing in on your competitors Google SERP’s and Adwords’s activity.


You can track your competitors marketing methods on Google along with their Organic Ranking and Paid Search history on Adwords for the last nine years. Searching any domain active on Google will also present an overview of vital information you can use to get ahead. This information is part of SpyFu’s capacity for showing what keywords they have purchased, the ranking of their organic reach, sales leads, contact details, and the likes.

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Yoast SEO

You no longer have to worry over whether your article is SEO friendly or not. When producing SEO content, it can be hard to manually evaluate whether you are being effective or not. WordPress users can set up the Yoast SEO plugin on their website. It analyses which parts of your articles can be improved to boost its SEO ranking.

These include readability, scannability, writing voice, meta-descriptions, image alt tags, and more. It can also keep you from over-optimizing your content by offering suggestions to keep you within the required number of keywords/key-phrases to use.

You can expect a:

  • Readability analysis
  • Insights tool
  • SEO analysis tab

It easy to fall into the trap of creating content that is only focused on ranking in search engines with such a tool. Writing natural content for readers and using the tool along with an LSI keyword tool or a thesaurus can help you appeal to both your audience and search engines.

Try Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

Bonus: Nightwatch

Nightwatch is an all-in-one SEO tool designed for companies that are focused on scaling up their internet business. It is exceptionally good at segmenting and visualizing data with its intuitively designed dashboard.

One of its latest features allows you to perform site audits right in the tool. You can easily customize the settings to your own needs. Get a simple overview report, or set the parameters as you wish to get an in-depth understanding.

You can also decide on custom filters to focus on specific issues you’re dealing with. With their smart scheduler, you can easily set up your crawls and have them run and save automatically. You can set your insights on different professional SEO projects, filter your needs, create a steady time frame, and compare data in the long run.

Overall, it’s a great tool if you’re looking to perform all your SEO tasks on one platform.  In addition to their range of paid plans, they also offer a free Chrome extension: SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch.

Try Nightwatch

Conclusion: Enough tooling around!

We avoided listing some SEO tools that have the same function. Each one of these SEO tools caters for every distinct corner that shapes the structure of an SEO campaign as well as SEO as a whole to make a big difference to the ROI of your efforts.

Bookmark this for further use. Every SEO engineer, marketer, and regular internet entrepreneur can find a tool best suited for improving their SEO and conquering the World Wide Web by keeping this with them. Feel free to share your experiences as well as this article with your community. You might be getting someone out of their rut by the virtue of doing so.

Note: This List of the Best SEO Tools is contributed by Pollen Lekau. If you have an extra-ordinary article to contribute, then check our Guest Blogging Guidelines.

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    1. That’s so nice to hear, Aria. But then what are the tools you are using on your website now?
      And what tools do you recommend others to use?

  1. A good compilation of best SEO tools. But my vote goes to Ahrefs and SemRush. You can easily get potential keywords by using the SemRush magic keyword tool. Also, Ahrefs is a best tool to steal competitor backlinks.

    1. You are right on the spot, Sathish. In fact, I am using the same combination. Using Semrush for identifying keywords and Ahrefs for identifying competitor backlinks.

      But, Sathish, could you let me know what are your tested and working methods for getting backlinks from good authority domains. When I say a website with good authority, there is a higher chance for emails not even being responded to. In that case, what would you do?

      1. Nirmal,

        That’s quite a hard one, indeed. However, following them and building a strong relationship would help. Blog commenting is one such a way to get connect with bloggers even experts. Most importantly, sending outreach emails as a stranger never works. It is always obvious to pick a one, follow, become a friend and then request.

        1. That’s true Sathish.

          Sending Outreach emails to strangers has never worked for me.

          In the past, I have tried connecting with other Bloggers and Experts by commenting on their blogs. Even after dropping some valuable comments, I have noticed that they never get approved. I often wonder why a comment gets rejected. Have you come across similar situations?

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