7 Amazing Semrush Tools you can use for earning passive income

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There are numerous ways to earn passive income. When it comes to earning passive income from a website you create, then I would say niche websites are the best. With niche websites, you can make passive income by placing ad units and promoting affiliate products.

And how do Semrush tools can help us in this process of making money?

Semrush is not just for SEO purposes, It is a complete digital marketing toolkit. Semrush can be used for multi-purposes and today, we will see how it helps us in creating niche websites for earning passive income.

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Semrush Tools for Web Monetization:

Well, Semrush has got a lot of toolkits. And today, let me share with you 7 Semrush tools that will help us in this process of creating a niche website from the start till generating a passive income.

1) CPC Map

The first and foremost thing that you need to do for creating a niche website, is to find a niche, where you can blog. The niche that you choose should be relevant to your expertise and your area of interest. Without which you will lose your interest over the period of time.

The next thing is that the niche you choose should have market potential. Choosing a niche with low potential is not a good idea, considering the time and money you invest.

Niche websites are usually not meant for global. They target a particular demographic. And so the product is very focused and drives targeted traffic and affiliate conversions.

At Semrush Keyword Analytics, you can search for a product in a region and find out its Search Volume. And then, using CPC Map you can find out the cost of advertising in that particular area.

A high CPC with a low search volume indicates that there is already a huge competition. And a low CPC with a high search volume indicates that you have a lot of potentials to make money out of it.

After finding a niche with low CPC and high search volume, you could use Semrush to find out the list of all relevant keywords to target.

Use Semrush CPC Map

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2) Advertising Research

When you are about to start a niche website, it is better to find out your competitors. They are your goldmine. Because they have already done half of your work.

With Semrush’s Advertising Research tool, you can find out your Competitor’s Paid Ads strategy. Semrush collects this data from Google Ads and you can use it to find out your Competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.

You can identify the potential keywords that are driving them targeted traffic. You can even identify those keywords they are not even targeting.

Use Semrush Advertising Research

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3) SEO Writing Assistant

So, after preparing the list of keywords you need to target, now it is time to start preparing the content. While you craft your content, you need to be conscious of writing an SEO-friendly article.

And that’s where SEO Writing Assistant of Semrush would be useful.

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant Tool is available only for Google Docs and WordPress. WordPress Users can simply install this plugin and it assists you with writing articles thereafter.

So, what does the SEO writing Assistant Tool does?

It displays,

  • an Overall Score showing the quality of the article.
  • Readability of the article with Reading Ease Score
  • Recommendations for the given keyword showing their volume and difficulty
  • And Semantically related keywords that you need to add to your content.

Use Semrush SEO Writing Assistant Tool

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4) On-Page SEO Checker

Once you publish your article, you need to keep track of their rankings. And you must look for what can be done to improve the rankings of your Page.

Semrush’s On-Page SEO checker helps you in this case by providing semantically related keywords to be included in your article, target content length for the article, readability, and backlink ideas, considering your competitors.

Semrush displays all these recommendations from the top 10 real-time competitors for each of your keywords. By using this Semrush tool, you can ensure that your article ranks on the first page and drives targeted traffic from search engines.

Use Semrush On-Page SEO Checker

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5) Display Advertising

After you start to drive traffic for your website, you can start to monetize your blog with Affiliate Marketing. This Semrush tool has got a lot of competitor insights for you. It shows your competitors Banners, Sidebars, and text ads placed in Google Ads.

By analyzing their display ads, you can understand what type of visuals attract more clicks, and you can place a similar one on your website. This will drive clicks and you can send it to your affiliate website by using an affiliate link.

A good performing Competitor’s text ad indicates that users are engaging with it. You can use similar text in your meta description. And that will ensure that your page’s meta description is also engaging with search engine users.

Use Semrush Display Advertising

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6) Ad Builder

One of the important sources of traffic for your niche website is PPC. Irrespective of your default Search Engine Ranking, PPC can still drive targeted traffic and can result in affiliate conversions.

This Semrush tool will help you to create an advertising copy and headlines for your articles.

The ad builder tool also displays your competitors’ ads. So, that you can implement similar engaging ones in your campaign

Use Semrush Ad Builder

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7) Site Audit

Driving traffic from the search engine looks cool in the initial days. As time goes on, you see there is a dip in the traffic. Only then, you will realize your website has some SEO errors. And you will have no clue what change and updates have caused such an error.

Using Semrush’s Site Audit tool will identify the errors of your website and keeps track if it has got solved or not.

This ensures that your website will stay healthy and continue to rank high. By making sure you rank high, you can continue to drive highly targeted traffic and drive more affiliate sales.

Use Semrush Site Audit

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Wrapping Up

I hope, you would have found these 7 Semrush tools to be useful. Semrush is not just limited to these 7 tools alone. There have got many more toolkits. All those toolkits cannot be explained in one single article. There will be many more on this line.

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  1. SEMrush is a complete package of SEO tools, I use it for keyword research. Its SEO Writing Assistant is indeed a great feature. Well, everytime I come to say something about this tool, it always wins my words.
    Thanks for sharing such a nice briefing of the tool.
    -Nitin Dabas

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