Semrush Affiliate Program Review: Best Affiliate Program for Lifetime

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Why this BeRush review?

Everyone wishes to create a passive income. Because it will give you a steady income every month. What if you get a lifetime commission just by referring a single customer?

It’s awesome, right?

We call such kind of affiliate programs as Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs. Because you get a recurring commission every month.

One such lifetime recurring affiliate program is the BeRush. It is the affiliate program of Semrush, one of the most popular and trusted SEO tools of the 21st century.

Having a lucrative commission structure, it is definitely an affiliate program that everyone looks for. And, that has brought me to this BeRush review.

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Why do you need to join BeRush?

As I mentioned earlier, BeRush offers you a lifetime recurring commission. So, when you refer someone to Semrush paid account with your unique referral link provided by BeRush, you will receive a 40% commission of the amount paid by your referral.

You will receive this 40% commission every time, your referral renews his Semrush subscription/membership. And, that’s how this lifetime recurring affiliate program works.

Next, we will move on to

How to Sign up with BeRush?

To sign up with BeRush, follow my simple steps.

Step 1: Go to the BeRush website. And click, Join Now

Step 2: Now, a Registration popup dialog box appears. Here, you enter your email, password and confirm the password. And finally, click Register.

Step 3: Open your inbox, and look for the BeRush Affiliate Program Registration Mail. Just click the activation link to activate your account.

And that’s it.

You have successfully registered for BeRush Affiliate Program. Now, you can start promoting Semrush with your unique referral link.

But, where is my Unique Referral link?

Let’s Kick Start Semrush Promotion:

As soon as you complete your BeRush registration, you would receive a welcome email with your unique referral link to promote Semrush.

You can also find your referral link and other promotional materials for Semrush on the BeRush website. To get your referral link and promo materials,

1) Go to BeRush Website. And click the login button.

2) Now, the login dialog box popups. Use the email and password you used while registering for BeRush.

3) Once you log in, go to the Promo materials tab.

Here you can find your referral Id and other promo materials like Banners and Widget.

You can append this referral ID to Semrush links to get your referral link. See this link structure.


Here, you will have to replace this {ID} with your Referral ID.

Let’s say, my referral ID is 0000045. So, my Semrush referral link will look like,

And, that’s how you get your Semrush referral link.

Apart from referring visitors directly to the Semrush home page, you can send your visitors to Semrush webinars, help section, news, and pricing to improve your conversion rate.

The best way to refer your visitors is by offering them a 7-day Semrush trial. To get your referral link directly to the Semrush trial page, use this link structure,


Don’t forget to replace {ID} with your referral ID.

Tips to Boost BeRush Conversions:

So, now you have got your referral link. Next, I would like to give you some valuable tips to boost your BeRush Conversions.

1) Explain how to use Semrush rather than making clickbait:

To get the most conversions, you need to explain to your visitors, How to use Semrush, and the benefits they get by using Semrush.

Don’t promote Semrush with fake offers and discounts and make it look like clickbait. It will never bring you lifetime conversion.

If you want to make conversions for a lifetime, you need to offer some value to your visitors. By offering value, you win their trust. Only after you win their trust, you will get a lifetime referral.

So, promote by offering value, and not by clickbait.

2) Inform your visitors that you need Credit Card for Trial Account:

If you don’t inform your visitors that they need a credit card to claim a trial account at Semrush, then most likely they will abandon the cart after visiting Semrush.

So, to avoid this, better inform them early.

3) Disclose that you earn commissions:

You will have to disclose on your website that you earn some commissions when your visitors buy Semrush subscription using your link.

This is also a trust factor. In, this way you maintain your transparency with your readers.

These are the three important tips that I want to share with you to boost your BeRush conversions. And, the rest lies in your Marketing skills and Blogging Skills.

Do you like to win $100 every month at BeRush?

Yes, but How?

Don’t miss the BeRush Contest:

BeRush conducts a contest every month, where you can win by writing a blog post/ tutorial/ e-book/case study about Semrush.

Image Credits: BeRush

Every month BeRush conducts a contest with a different theme. And, they do change the rules every month to match the theme.

So, check the BeRush contest page every month. And, if you give your best, then definitely you have a chance to win $100. And if you win, apart from the $100 prize amount, your name and blog post will enter their Hall of Fame as their winning monthly entry.

Note: I submitted a blog post on, “How to use Semrush Organic Research Tool?” for BeRush Monthly Contest July 2018 and won the prize of $100.

Coming to the most important question,

How will you get paid at BeRush?

You have two payout options at BeRush. They are:

  • Paypal – The minimum payout is $50.
  • Wire Transfer – The minimum payout is $1000

Only after you reach the payment threshold, BeRush will pay you. Payment will be paid twice a month i.e. 10th and 25th of every month.

I have received one payment from BeRush so far. I am posting my BeRush Payment Proof for your reference.

Semrush Affiliate Program Review:

Semrush Affiliate Program (BeRush) is one of the best recurring affiliate programs for me. It is the most recommended SEO Tool as well. Recommending such a top-notch product and making revenue out of it is a double bonanza.

Wrapping Up:

So, to summarize my BeRush review in short.

BeRush is the affiliate program of Semrush, which is the leading SEO tool.

For every paid customer you refer to Semrush, you will receive a 40% lifetime recurring commission.

You can also participate in the BeRush contest every month and win $100.

And, your payment will be made through Paypal or Wire Transfer on the 10th and 25th of every month.

Haven’t you joined BeRush yet?

Join BeRush Now!

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